GIft Idea #11- For the Fashionista (Night Out)

Since becoming a mother, the only time I really dress up or get cute is when I am going out on a date or going to church. Today I want to bring you clothing inspiration for you to wear for a night out. Today's Give-Away is from Shabby Apple they bring you a discount code for 15% with the code THANKS15 and a save the date dress for the give-away winner. 

Shabby Apple has some really great clothes to wear out on a date, to a wedding and to feel beautiful.

Bloom Skirt I Ali Dress I Dot Skirt I Canary Sweater I Save the Date Dress

I am going to admit I am not a shopper, I really just like to see what I like and purchase it. In the year I have heard about some really cool companies that I want to share with you. 

Golden Tote -  This summer when we were at the lake my sister Kristy had ordered  from Golden Tote and had it shipped to the lake, it was great all the items were different and cute. 

The other company that is awesome is Rent the Runway the idea of this is awesome and my sister Kylie used it last week to look stunning at the Columbia MBA Fall Ball. Renting the Dress only cost $95 (minus $25 off for your first rental). She looked terrific and I can't wait for my next event to try this.  I mean look how amazing she looked!

Another Website I love is Mint Arrow ( Corrine searches the internet for great deals on quality items. 

Another way to have great outfits is to find inspiration. There are a lot of fashion bloggers out there find someone who has the same style as you and follow them. Here are a few that I really like:  Karla Reed (, Kitana Kaiplhanliam (, Harper and Harley (

Who inspires your clothing? 

Give-Away Rules

  1. In the spirit of giving, these give-aways work a little differently than is typical. Entering the give-away is simple: all you have to do is tag via (@whitefielddesign) on instagram or share via ( on facebook. The twist: the person you tagged/shared with is entered to win. 
  2. To enter the give-away, entrants must like the give-away company on FB or instagram and on that social media (via the associated Whitefield Design post) share with or tag the person they think would like that gift; winners will be the person tagged or shared with. (Since people are sharing, entries are limitless)
  3. Entrants have from the first day of the post till Thanksgiving to enter as many people as they want. 
  4. Winners must be in the United States and can’t have won a give-away of that item this year.
  5. All winners will be announced on Black Friday.