Gift Idea #9 -For the Mister

Today we are shaing gift ideas for the mister in your life.  And our give-away is perfect for any guy on your list. Framed-Wallet is giving away your choice of one of their wallets*. The Framed wallet is perfect because it is small, compact, and it "frames" your cash and cards perfectly by having one side designed to the height and width of a bill folded in half. This maximizes your ability to keep your wallet as thin as possible. And it looks cool.

*if you want a colored wallet you will have to wait for it to ship till Dec 17th. 

To learn about the Framed wallet, watch this kickstarter video below. Their campaign has already ended, but you can buy online at

I looked high and low, near and far for these great gift ideas for your guy. I am certain something on this list will be just prefect for him.

Men's Shoes I  Watch I Travel Bag

Below are my top 12 gifts for any man:

1. AmeriLeather - Leather Toiletry Bag - $34.99

Every one need a toiletry bag, so why not have it be stylish and last forever? My brother got this last year, and every time I see it, I think I need to get one for my husband.

2. Leatherman - Sidekick - $49.85

It is always nice to be prepared; keep this in your car or take it camping with you.

3. Go Sports - Slammo - $38.83 

This new sport called spikeball is amazing! I got this as a surprise for my husband's birthday. This is the best present I have ever given him. Look up spikeball on youtube, it is a mix between volleyball and four square.

4. RoadID - the Wrist ID Slim - $19.99 

If you man likes to run or ride, this is the perfect gift for him. Make sure he has an id whereever he goes. 

5. Cyber Clean - Pop-up cup- $8.59

For the office worker, gamer, or tinkerer, a jar of electronics cleaning putty is a simple but useful gift. It helps him clean any number of electronics around the house, including computers, keyboards, smart phones, appliances, and so much more.

6. Hat- Find your Man's favorite team- it is always nice to get a new hat.

7. ARVO- the good samaritime - $64.99

A nice classic watch that will go with everything.

8. Combat Gent - Italian Wool Overcoat - $120

When your man takes you out on a date make sure he looks sharp by getting this coat!

9. FRAMED- Wallet - $22

This minimalist wallet keeps it thin and minimal.

10. Zuriick - Shug Low Noir - $149

11. Stance - Buffalo - $14

I don't personally have these socks but I have heard they are the most comfortable socks out there.

12. Festool - Track Saw - $725

If you like wood working, Festool will change your life. Since minoring in furniture design, I know and care about my tools. Ever since I saw my classmates buying these tools, they are on my to-get list. If you are going to start buying tools, check out Festool.

some hygiene tools:

Cologne Sampler I Fogless Mirror I Hair Pomade

What are you getting your man?