Custom Design Studio

Specializing in Letterpress, Foil Stamping and Fine Art Prints


What We Do

Letterpress Wedding Invitations and Suites- Letterpress is just what the name implies. The letters and designs, which have been reproduced on custom metal plates, are pressed into a premium, cotton-based paper by a printing press that, more often than not, was manufactured several decades before our clients’ parents were born. Though we own a letterpress machine that we use for our own little hobby projects, our clients’ designs are brought to life by a Master Craftsman letterpress printer (Bjorn Press) to ensure that the quality is second-to-none. Please visit our SHOP tab above to see what designs are currently being offered.

Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations and Suites- Employing a nearly identical process as letterpress, foil stamping is accomplished by heating the metal plate that contains the letters and designs. When a special foil paper is placed between the die and the paper to be printed on, the heat causes the foil to release onto the paper. Again, we have entrusted a world-renowned master craftsman (Dave Winstead), who specializes in metal foil stamping, to produce the final product for our clients. Please visit our SHOP tab above to see what designs are currently being offered.

Custom Design- Contact Brynn Snyder at to inquire about custom wedding invitations and suites, custom logo design and branding, or any other custom design needs you may have. Custom wedding suites begin at $2,000.

Foil Stamped Temple Prints- Our latest offering is a series of Salt Lake Temple Prints created by Danny Snyder. This image was created during his study breaks while in dental school at the University of Louisville. It is his first foray into the world of professional art, but it feels natural as he follows in the footsteps of his wife, mother, aunts, and cousins.

 Who We Are

During the first week of freshman year at BYU, she sat next to him in a class and declared, "Hi, I'm Brynn, and we are gonna be friends! What's your name?" "Danny." A year long friendship ensued and ended with a few weeks of dating bliss, before Danny left to serve a 2-year mission for the LDS church to Argentina. Upon his return, they were married, and the little people quickly followed. Morgan ("Moco Bean") (5y) loves gymnastics, kindergarten, and spending hours upon hours at her crafting table. McKell ("Mickey D") (2y) recently discovered the joys of verbal communication and refuses to go to bed without a YouTube dance party. Jenna ("Jay Bird") (9m) is mesmerized by the goings-on of her family, and her family is equally enchanted by her big blue eyes and curly locks.

Whitefield Design was born shortly after Morgan joined the family. Brynn graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from BYU, and designed medical equipment, kitchen appliances, custom furniture, and craft goods before settling down and becoming a mom. After designing a friend's wedding invitations as a favor, she soon found her services in high demand. The creative outlet, coupled with the ability to work from home, fit perfectly with Brynn's desire to be an awesome mom. A few year's later, the family moved to Kentucky so that Danny could attend dental school, and business continues to boom as Brynn helps couples add their own custom brand of southern charm to their wedding invitations. 

Danny, who was raised by a professional calligrapher/all-around crafting genius mother, has always loved art. He often spends his study breaks during dental school, tinkering on the design software that Brynn downloaded to his computer. His print of the Salt Lake Temple required a calendar year of study breaks to complete. 



Brynn designed and printed absolutely stunning letterpress wedding invitations for us. They were way beyond my expectations (which were pretty high to begin with). She took my vision and way outdid herself by creating invitations that were more beautiful than any of the examples I brought her for reference. Brynn was extremely helpful and patient with me throughout the entire process. We had an all around great experience with Whitefield Designs and highly recommend them!